i would follow you to the ends of the earth with only mild complaining 


More “Amber’s unwritten self-insert.”

trash-god in the scouting legion:  Everyone thinks she’s Krista’s even hotter older sister, even Krista wonders if this is true.  She gives all the boys (and girls) in the 104th uncomfortable boners.  Ymir’s heart is torn.

drinkyourfuckingmilk in the scouting legion: when she first meets Levi and Hange neither of them can speak to her.  They disappear shortly after and are discovered to be having a very intense discussion.  Not much is heard, but I made out, “But in order for that to be possible I would have had to have her when I was six years old…” and something about time travel.

When those two are together it is a nexus of hotness.  Erwin uses this to tactical advantage.

julystorms and Nanaba have never been seen in the same room together.  I am suspect…

A message from Anonymous
Would you mind explaining to me what a haka is?

haka is a traditional dance/war cry of Maori people who are native to New Zealand (originally from Polynesia but the culture developed into its own unique one in NZ). 

the Maori boys at my old high school did a haka for UN day celebrations and it was so cool and so powerful, it pumped everyone right the fuck up. 


original: リヴァハン結婚

translator: llvvll

australian accents sound so bad all of the time especially in movies/tv shows i can’t believe i have one


things girls look for in guys

  • black hair
  • grey eyes
  • eye patch
  • half ghoul
  • kaneki ken
A message from Anonymous
you are pretty mean , there is no way that i could know if I offended you ,'cause i don't know you ... you didn't have to ignore me , I have been ignored all of my life (even by my own family) and now someone who I admire, I think i have enough of this life . you don't have an idea of haw painful is to be ignored by everyone and more being ignored by someone who you admire ... why did you that?

okay I’m sorry that you’re feeling down and there’s very little likelihood that you have offended me (I’m not even sure what this message is referring to?). 

but understand that I get a lot of messages, and a lot of emotional messages too asking for help and I try to reply to as many as I can but I’m just a person over here, and I’m honestly on this blog to draw fan art and enjoy fandom shit. I don’t have a responsibility here to take care of people, especially not people whom I’ve ever met, though I’m happy most of the time to listen to and offer advice. some days I cant do that due to my own shit going on, which I’m sure you can understand. not only that but a lot of messages get eaten up by tumblr, sometimes my own friends messages dont get through to me. 

frankly I found your message a little emotionally manipulative. please do not put the responsibility of your life or happiness onto my shoulders. it’s unfair and unrealistic, and though I’m really sorry that you’re feeling so down and ignored, I know you can get through it and find someone in your life who can listen and help you.

please take care of yourself and reach out to someone in your life for help and though I’m flattered that you admire my blog, I’m just a person over here, not a qualified or paid therapist with a responsibility to help everyone who sends me a message. 

A message from Anonymous
Do you live with drinkyourfuckingmilk now? Do you mind that she isn't vegan like you?


Why would I mind that?

If this is a friendly innocent ask, then my polite answer is “no, I don’t mind”…if this is a precursor to more aggressive messages about how I should try to convert my loved ones, then please go away. 

I actually sit across from cass at dinner time with a huge glass of milk and a massive steak and just consume both without breaking eye contact with her